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The sound is raw, the style is very influenced by 60´s and 70´s Soul and Funk, some tracks are vocal, some are instrumental.
The album is available from all major digital players where music are bought today, and on an exclusive limited vinyl LP.

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If making soul music was easy, everyone would do it.
Ok, maybe not everyone but the ingredients of soulful vocals, sweet horns and skilful drum work is no guarantee the result will touch listeners the way only soul music can. The debut album from Soul Tune Allstars gets the formula right. Not just right but smack in the middle of the soul zone. A bullseye. An impressive slam-dunk of soul!

If the Soul Tune Allstars were a basketball team they’d be the Harlem Globe trotters!

Listening to the album they’ve managed to emulate the ground-breaking soul pioneers of Blacknuss Allstars, and not just in the similarity of their name either. I’ve often thought about Blacknuss who were the first soulful Scandinavian sounds that reach my ears in south London many years ago. And now here again is music that, no matter your tastes, will seep into your soul regardless. I guess its no surprise I’m reminded of Blacknuss too as Soul Tune Allstars also features Desmond Foster, a member of the legendary Swedish group.

Before we even get to the simply sublime, smooth swaying single – Natural Feeling featuring Anna Thiamwe’re taken on a journey of soulful and jazzy funk instrumentals. The drums, bass, keys, horns and strings are all from the multi-instrumentalist and album creator Niclas Wretelid. Niclas has dusted off the formula and added his own calculations to produce an album containing soul swinging instrumentals and lyrically engaging songs. World – for example, is one of those songs that stays with you all day. Catchy, uplifting and irresistible from the first listen.

It’s all about life, it’s all about what it’s leading too. Trust me, you’ll be singing it soon too! Talking ’bout is crafted with the same magnetic lyrics and groove!

The album contains funk echoes of the JB’s, the xylophones conjures the great Roy Ayres, and the instrumentals contain expressive free-flowing solos while keeping your shoes entranced to the beat.

The only misstep for me is the graffiti style cover art, contradicting the classy and well-crafted soul music within. However, nothing could stop me from enjoying this. And I really enjoy this! It’s all about the music after all and they get that 100% right.

Blacknuss may not currently be in the studio but the baton has been passed to Soul Tune Allstars, and they’ve produced an album for all at home and abroad to enjoy for a very long time.

Just heard World on a JM Global Soul Connoisseurs UK mix.
Told ya!

4 half rating
-.5 because of the artwork. I’m so mean!



Kolla in det svenska soulprojektet med inspiration från 60/70-talssoul och funk.

I början av året fick vi höra första smakprovet från ett nytt svenskproducerat soulprojekt, med inspiration från 60/70-talseran. Bakom projektet står producenten Niclas “DJ Tech-Nic” Wretelid, som under 2000-talet skapat otaliga beats åt svenska och utländska MC:s i producentteamet Street Level Productions. Under 1990-talet var han även delägare i skivaffären Street Level Records och stod även bakom samlingsskivor som “Sidewalk Headliners” och “Street Level presents” från 2002.

Numera är det fokus på soul och funk för Wretelid, som teamat upp med musiker och vokalister där tid och möda har lagts på instrumenteringen och inspelningsprocessen. På projektet gästar bland annat Desmond Foster och Anna Thiam. Soul Tune-projektet beskrivs enligt nedan:

“The sound is raw, the style is very influenced by 60´s and 70´s Soul and Funk, some tracks are vocal, some are instrumental, but they all have the feeling and style that we represent and want to bring to the people. We are very proud and happy of the result and have already started to work on album number two.”

Albumet finns att köpa på vinyl i Stockholm via Snickars Records eller Record Mania.


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